Please note revised time... Reception Sports Day - Friday 29th June ... Starts 9:15 am (go to field straight after drop-off)



Welcome to the Reception Badger Class Page. Here you will find updates and photos of learning in our Class.


Sports day 29.06.2018

A brilliant sports day had by all! Well done to the children, they were all fantastic! Thank you to the parents that came along to watch. Below are pictures of the children with their well deserved certificates and medals. We are so proud of them all.

W/B 11.06.2018.

This week we have been very busy! We have a new focus story which is "Goldilocks and the three bears". We are making a new role play area into The bears cottage! The children are very excited about this. This week we have tried porridge. Each group went together to make it and after tasting, they could choose to add Jam, honey, chocolate chips or Sultanas to it. 

This week

Wednesday 23rd May 

 What a fantastic show yesterday for 'Badgers got Talent!'. All of the children were amazing!! Thank you for all of your hard work at home, practising with your child. We will be looking at the photos tomorrow and talking about our favourite parts of the show and drawing pictures. Thank you to all of the parents who came to support. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos below. 

Friday 18th May .

 The children have enjoyed learning the story of  "The Little Red Hen".This week we have read the story "The Little Red Hen makes a Pizza". The children really enjoyed this story, and noticed the Little Red Hen shared her pizza unlike in the story of The Little Red Hen when she didn't share her bread. We focused on the words "Sharing" and "Selfish" this week and discussed their meanings and why it is kind to share. As the children enjoyed this story, we all made pizza! We really enjoyed making the base and choosing the toppings we liked! After they were cooked, we all shared the pizzas. They tasted delicious!

Wednesday 9th May

As we have been enjoying the story of The Little Red Hen, we decided to make some bread. The children had lots of fun mixing the ingredients together and rolling and kneading the bread in to rolls. We left them to prove and saw how they had risen before putting them in to the oven. We ate them in the afternoon, they were very yummy!

Tuesday 8th May- Dental Talk.

Today, we had a visit from the school nurses. They talked to us about how to keep our teeth clean and healthy. They demonstrated how to brush our teeth properly, remembering to brush them for 2 minutes, twice a day! We discussed which foods are good for our teeth and which foods are not good. Below are some videos that the nurses showed us and pictures of the children brushing teeth. Has your child been to the dentist? 

Today we released the butterflies that we have been keeping in a net in the classroom. We have had them since they were caterpillars. We watched them get bigger and bigger, just like 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar, turn into cocoons and finally emerge as beautiful butterflies! We fed them on pieces of fruit. We think they are very happy to be able to explore the outside world now!

In Badgers we have been learning the story of 'The Little Red Hen'. We have really enjoyed learning actions for the story. We can show you at home!

 If you look on the YouTube clip below, you can see the video that we were watching to help us with the actions. 

 You can send in a video of your child acting out the story to our Badger e-mail address if you wish!

Practising 'The Little Red Hen.'

Practising the Little Red Hen

We have been helping to brighten up the outside area. We have painted the cable reels to look like toadstools, to create a colourful, fairy-like seating area. We have had lots of fun sitting on them! We have also created small worlds on the tuff spots to support us with our imaginative play. We are working with Miss Ryan to create a 'Fairy World' and a 'Dinosaur World' They look fantastic and we are having lots of fun playing with them!

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We use Numicon in our maths sessions, a brilliant resource which helps the children to gain a really good understanding of number. An example number line is below so that you know what your child is talking about if they come home mentioning Numicon...or unicorns as some of them have been referring to it!

Home-School Exchange- What you can do

The Home- school exchange about your child's learning is very important at this stage in your child's development. Please keep us updated on the latest medical information, worries or struggles your child encounters at home as we will inform you should they arise.

We also love to celebrate achievements. We invite you to share any 'magical moments' for us to print out to add to your child's learning journey  by email. Please title your email with: Name of child Magical moment and send to Please note this email address is only set up for the receipt of magical moments and will not be replied to for any other issues.

A magical moment may include photos and are significant achievements or skills you have observed your child do, or may sometimes include special events or outings. Useful magical moments could be based on- imaginative play, your child’s observations of the natural world on an outing, solving problems, their physical development, sporting talent or challenges overcome- dressing themselves, reading or writing for example. Please write about what you observed and what your child said that was significant. We cannot use photos without descriptions. We ask that you send in one magical moment every half term, we also have paper templates for magical moments available at school if you would prefer to hand-write them. When we receive them we ask if the child would like us to share their achievements with the class, and the children really love to show their friends their magical moment photos when printed out or on the Interactive Whiteboard screen.

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