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Brrrrrrr, it's chilly out there, Foxes! Remember your coats, hats, gloves and scarves so that you can wrap up warm at playtime!


Welcome to our page!

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Hello and welcome to Year 2 Foxes!


We made a great start to the school year in Autumn and are looking forward to the term ahead.

The Spring term is full of exciting lessons, lots of learning opportunities and even a little trip out of school too! Plus we have lots of things like World Book Day and enrichment weeks to look forward to.


If you have any questions or something is worrying you, please come to see our teacher, Mrs Fowler.

Scroll down for information about the week ahead plus some photos of our work and adventures in Year 2.




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~~ Spring Term ~~

What is coming up for Team Foxes next week? 
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Week commencing Monday 19th March, 2018...


In Maths we are going to be working on telling the time. We know o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to. Now we are learning to tell the time to 5 minute intervals. Test us at home by asking us what the time is throughout the day!


In Literacy we are focusing on a book called 'There is no dragon in this story!' We will be writing about the dragon, pretending to be the dragon, writing book reviews and even writing and posting letters to the author! Ask us what the story is about.


In Science we are continuing to learn about habitats, living things and dependency. Ask us what habitats we know about and what living things we might find living there. Ask us about MRS GREN too and see if we can tell you why it is important!


We are doing lots of PE this week for Sports Relief! Take a look at the sports relief website for videos of some of the children across the world that Sports Relief helps: 


We have been learning a new dance from the Jump with Jill rock'n'roll nutrition show. Take a look and watch how good we are at singing and dancing along! 


It is very important to stay healthy and active, which is exactly what we are doing this week!



We are also doing daily handwriting practice, weekly spellings, individual and group reading and keeping an eye on our Petunia plants. We have finished our class story of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, and now we are reading Roald Dahl's 'The Twits'!


As part of our dinosaur topic we have been learning about a very famous fossil hunter called Mary Anning.

Click on the link below to watch her story! 


We have had more phenomenal homework this term!

Look at these two videos from our Foxes, Evie and Isabelle!

Make sure you have your sound turned on... 

~~ Autumn Term ~~

During 'Good to be Me' Week in the Autumn Term, we talked about self-esteem and what we are proud of.

This is us standing in our 'Proud Poses'! Some of our poses are funny, some are strong and some are silly, but they are all happy and proud! We love being 'us'.

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Look at the photos of our Extreme Reading Challenge that was held in the Autumn Term!  

 A winner was picked from each house (Chambers, De Soisson and Howard) and one of them was our very own fox, Summer! 

The photo of her reading at the dentist really impressed the judges - talk about dedication to her reading!!

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Look at this AMAZING  homework by our fantastic Fox, Isabelle, from the Autumn Term.

It is all about her favourite animal from Africa. 

Make sure your sound is turned on!

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That's not the only piece of wonderful Africa homework we  had in Year 2 Foxes throughout the Autumn Term.

We had tall giraffes, collaged flags, papier mache leopards, a modelling clay elephant and even a rhino made from an old bottle!

Plus some wonderful drawings, paintings and fact files. 

Look at the photos below to take a peek at some of our creations. 

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Here are our latest curriculum leaflets - have a look at these for more information about our term ahead.


Year 2 Spring Term 2018 Curriculum Leaflet

Year 2 Autumn 2017 Curriculum Leaflet

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