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Hello and welcome to Year 2 Foxes!


We have made a fantastic start to the new school year in the Fantastic Foxes classroom and we have already completed some fantastic learning. 

The weeks are going to whizz by and we have some great things coming up!


If you have any questions or something is worrying you, please come to see our teacher, Miss Thomas.

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Team 2 have been to visit the Royal Gun Powder Mills and we had a great day! 

We learnt lots about Guy Fawkes and the time he was alive. 

We made our own quills to write secret message, as well as looking at what toys Guy Fawkes would have played with and looked at the food he would have eaten. 

Our favourite part of the day was a re-enactment of the gun powder plot which was very funny!

As always, the children represented the school well and impressed all the adults. 


Well done Team 2!!


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~~ Autumn Term ~~

What is coming up for Team Foxes this week? 
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Week commencing Monday 24th September 2018


In Maths we are looking at regrouping numbers through lots of different games and activities. We will need to know how many 1s there are in a 10 and how many 10s there are in a 100. 


In Literacy we are continuing to focus on our story 'The Papaya that spoke.' We have tried hard to learn the story and have done lots of work around it. This week we will be thinking about using our own ideas and changing the story to make it our own. 

In our Science topic we will be continue to focus on the use of everyday materials. We will be looking at what different objects are made out, the materials uses and why they are best suited for different jobs. 


We will also be continuing with our new Topic all about Africa! We have been focusing on where in the world Africa is and we have had a look at Mount Kilamanjaro. Soon we will be looking at how life in Africa might be different to live in the UK.


We will also be doing daily handwriting practice, guided reading, assemblies and reading our new class book

'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl


Here are some key dates for this term.

School Photos: Friday 6th October

Harvest Festival: Monday 22nd October

Half Term: Week commencing 29th  October

Parent Partnership Meetings: Thursday 8th  November & Tuesday 13th November

Enrichment week: Week commencing 12th November

Trip to Gunpowder Mills: Wednesday 14th November

Here are our latest curriculum leaflets - have a look at these for more information about our term ahead.


Year 2 Foxes Spring Curriculum Leaflet

Year 2 Foxes Autumn Curriculum Leaflet

Year 2 Foxes Yearly Curriculum Plan

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