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Important dates coming up...  

Half Term: 18th February - 22nd February

Parent consultation evenings: 27th February and 5th March

World Book Day  - 7th March

Red Nose Day - 15th March

Year 4 trip to the Hitchin Gurdwara - 26th March

Year 4 Easter play performances - 1st and 3rd April at 6pm


End of term: 5th April – School to finish at 1:30pm

Our Science topic this half term is 'sound'. We have begun to learn about how sounds are made and how we are able to hear the sounds around us. On Wednesday 3rd July we made our own 'telephones' out of paper cups and string to experiment with how sound moves through vibrations. We had so much fun and we were amazed at how much we could hear through our paper phones.

This week we have focused our learning around the theme of 'Could it be magic?'. We have learnt magic tricks, dines some magic maths tricks, made unicorn cakes, practised our circus skills and even experimented with some magic science. We have had lots of fun! 

On Wednesday 5th June, Year 4 went to the Science Museum in London and had a fabulous day exploring all of the different exhibitions in the Wonderlab. We looked at the effect of forces, magnets, electricity, sound and states of matter. We had a lovely time and would like to thank all of the parent helpers for coming along.

We have started our new DT topic today! We will be planting, growing and eventually cooking with herbs. We have planted basil, mint, dill, parsley and coriander. We are very excited to see how our herbs grow!

On Tuesday 26th March we visited two religious buildings - a Gurdwara in Hitchin, and our local church. We had a great day and learnt a lot about both Sikhism and Christianity, and experienced both religious holy places. Here are some pictures of our day...

On the week beginning the 11th of March the whole school took part in a Science week, and in Swan class we did many experiments and had a lot of fun being creative with our learning. Here are some images from our lesson looking static electricity...

On Wednesday 21st November we went on our school trip to the Verulamium Museum in St Albans. We got to see so many amazing Roman artefacts and even got to touch some of them - lots of the items we held were over 2000 years old! We saw lots of mosaics and even went to the Hypocaust which had 220,000 individual tiles. Miss Nosworthy tried to count them but it was very tricky. We would like to say a huge thank you to the parents that came and helped out on the day, we had such a brilliant time!

Here are some pictures of us with our finished Roman Chariots - we loved making them this week and learnt lots of new skills.

This term we had an enrichment week that followed the theme 'Move it, Move it'. As well as doing some really fun actvities throughout the week we focussed on using this time to make some moving Roman chariots. We used lots of different techniques and skills to help create our chariots and they ended up looking great. Here are some pictures of us making our Roman chariots.

In honour of Remembrance day, every class in the school chose to create a poppy for each child to go on a whole school display. We spent a long time thinking about the significance of the poppy and what it means to us. We chose to sew our poppies out of felt and buttons. We all tried really hard with our sewing skills and the finished poppies look great!

In History we have been focussing on learning about the Romans. We continued our Roman learning into our art lessons and spent some time researching and designing our own version of a Roman mosaic. We cut the tiles, placed them carefully onto our board and used grout to hold the tiles in place. The finished result was amazing! Here are some pictures of us making our mosaic tiles.

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