Welcome to the Year 4 web page!  Here you will find updates on learning and life in Swan Class!


Important dates coming up... 

Inset Day: 4th May

Year 4 trip to the science museum: 17th May

Half Term: 28th May

Class Photos: 8th June

Enrichment Week: 18th June

Sports Day: 27th June

Exhibition Evening: 4th July

End of Term: 20th July

For Enrichment week we have focused on the world cup and the countries taking part. We chose to focus on Poland. As apart of our learning this week we made traditional polish biscuits called Ciasteczka Maslane z Dzemem. We had a great time making them and an even better time eating them!

On the 17th May, Swan class took a trip to the Science Museum in London to look at the new Wonderlab exhibit. We had an amazing day and got to experiment with sound, matter, electricity and forces. We even got to feel friction by sliding down super fast slides and feel the force of gravity by pulling ourselves up and down on the swings  - even some of the teachers had a go! We had a great day!

In our D&T lessons this term we have been learning about cooking with herbs and the variety of ways herbs can be incorporated into food. We started the term by planting and growing our own herbs and then spent one afternoon cooking with them. We made basil pesto pasta, peppermint chocolate bars and mint lemonade! Everyone loved the food we made and we all worked together really well to create some delicious dishes!

In history we have been learning about the romans and on Wednesday the 10th of January we went on our school trip to Verulamium museum in St Albans. We had a lovely day and learnt about how the romans changed our local area. We got to hold real roman artefacts then have a look around the museum. We also took a short walk to the hypocaust (roman heating system) and had a go at sketching the beautiful mosaics we saw. We all had a lovely day and would especially like to thank the parents that came along to help us!

In science we have been learning about living things and their habitats. We were really lucky and got a visit from a rabbit and we got to discuss what a rabbit needs to survive and the type of habitats a rabbit would live in. We had lots of fun holding and stroking the rabbit and we even got to feed him. Thank you so much Mrs Battman for bringing him in!

In literacy we had an exciting visit from a mystery person whilst we ate our lunch! A Roman soldier left us a message to help us start our literacy work on persuasive writing. He asked us to use our amazing writing skills to help him recruit new members for the Roman Army.

In literacy this half term we have been focussed on an ancient Roman myth called Romulus and Remus. The story tells us how the city of Rome was created thousands of years ago, and the story behind the man that created it. For our homework this week in year 4, we created our own city – just like Romulus when he created Rome, we could make our city out of anything and we had some amazing ideas. Some of us painted our city map, some built it from boxes and lego and some even made their city out of cake!


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