Welcome to the Year 1 School Closure Page

Now that the Government has signalled the closure of schools from the end of this week these pages will be updated with work and activities for children to complete during the time the school is closed. 

If you would like further information and support on aspects of home learning; supporting your child's mental health or specialist learning support please click here.

Happy Easter Background With Realistic Easter Eggs. Easter Card ...                Dear children and parents,                    SAP BrandVoice: Does The Easter Bunny Have A Sustainable Supply Chain?

First of all, we hope you and those closest to you are healthy and well. We know some of you have had trouble accessing Purple Mash- please don't worry about completing them all. 

As this week is the Easter holidays, we would like you to create an Easter themed basket, you can be as creative as possible! When you come back to school we have designed an Easter egg hunt which you can collect your eggs in your baskets! Have fun and try not to eat too much chocolate...

12 Adorable Homemade Easter Basket Crafts for Kids - Buggy and Buddy

Best wishes 

Miss Reed and Ms Adamson 


Parents... why not try this?   Image preview

Please check here for updates every Monday. Miss Reed and Ms Adamson  

Hi Year 1's

Week 2 is here and both Miss Reed and Ms Adamson are missing not learning with you all.  Below are some more songs and activities for you to look up whilst we are not in school.  We will keep putting activities on here so keep looking. Keep smiling, stay safe and we will see you soon.

Ms Adamson and Miss Reed



Tricky Words Songs




Maths Songs







Science Songs


English/Phonics activities



Maths Activities


Dear Year One,

We hope you are continuing to be safe, happy and amazing at this strange time. Although we might not see you in school at the moment it is important that you keep striving to be the best! Please keep checking the website for updates and activities for you to do at home. Keep smiling and we hope to see you soon!


Miss Reed and Ms Adamson 


Read as much as possible Image result for books for kidsImage result for books for kids ks1

A lovely website to support with reading. We believe it is currently free to sign up. 






Why not? Make a rainbow for your window! This story on the BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-51988671 might inspire you to bring some cheer to your neighbours


Phonics- Keep practising those daily sounds! Phases 2-6 letters and sounds





MathsPlace value- Continue to count in 2s 5s and 10s. Count out the numbers up to 50 , which way is the quickest and why?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCxvNtrcDIs Count in 2s


Year 1 Common Exception Words (Free worksheets) - The Mum Educates

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