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Welcome to the Year 5 School Closure Page


Hello year 5 parents and children,

Now that the Government has signalled the closure of schools from the end of this week these pages will be updated with work and activities for children to complete during the time the school is closed. 

We will be sending a home learning book home with a pencil for your child to use to document their learning in if you wish, over the period of time that the school is closed. We will be setting a piece of work for English and Maths per day as well as spellings, History, Geography, Science and Art for the week. These will be set as '2Dos' on Purple Mash (your child was sent home with their logon and password last week). This should be completed across the week by your child.

You can find a list of useful websites below on this page and it has also been uploaded onto the school closure - general information page. This could help you extend your child's learning further.

As well as the work provided we expect you to still be using Times Tables Rockstars to help your child practice their multiplication skills and to be maintaining regular reading at home. This could be a good opportunity for your child to  practice their reading skills and grow in confidence in their ability.

Thank you,

Miss Mays & Mr Elvery (Starlings)

Mrs Clarke & Miss Wills (Magpies)

How do I create a shortcut to Purple Mash on my device? - 2 Simple ...

UPDATE: We are aware that there have been some technical difficulties with Purple Mash - please do not worry if you cannot do all of the activities. Just do the ones you enjoy (and the ones that work!).

We hope you have enjoyed trying out the activities and games on Purple Mash!

We are trying our best to answer any messages you are sending on there - bear with us as there are quite a lot!

If you would like further information and support on aspects of home learning; supporting your child's mental health or specialist learning support please click here.

Please check back every Monday at 9am for new work!


 All of the work will be set on Purple Mash for the entire week on the Monday of that week by 9am. We do not expect you to complete all of the tasks on the first day. You have the whole week to complete them.

Please refer to the suggested timetable below to help you and your children complete the learning. 

Year 5 Timetable


Week 1 - W/C 30.03.2020

Monday = English ~ Maths ~ History

Tuesday = English ~ Maths ~ Spellings

Wednesday = English ~ Maths ~ Science

Thursday = English ~ Maths ~ Geography

Friday = English ~ Maths ~ Art


Week 2 - W/C 06.04.2020

Week 3 - W/C 13.04.2020

Easter holidays project 

(see below...)

Week 4 - W/C 20.04.2020

Monday = English ~ Maths ~ History

Tuesday = English ~ Maths ~ Spellings

Wednesday = English ~ Maths ~ Science

Thursday = English ~ Maths ~ Geography

Friday = English ~ Maths ~ Art

As you may or may not be aware, today (Friday 3rd April) we would have broken up for our Easter holidays. Seeing as you would've had two weeks off school approaching, we are not setting you any 2Dos on Purple Mash for the holidays. Instead, we are setting you a project to complete.


You have two choices:

Option 1 = Design a theme park

This would include you designing the rides, stalls, map, costings etc.

Option 2 = Design a new shop

This would include you designing the name, logo, products, packaging, costings etc.


You can become as creative as you like when completing your project.

You could:

- make a PowerPoint presentation

- create a project book

- make a detailed poster

- make a 3D model

- create a leaflet 

- make it out of Lego


Take a look at some ideas below...





  Attention young Witches and Wizards 

It is incredibly sad that we had to end our Harry Potter learning sooner than expected and are not able to go on our school trip to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, The Making of Harry Potter.

Having said this, we are extremely lucky that JK Rowling is "Bringing Hogwarts to You". 

Follow the link and have some magical fun whilst you're at home staying safe.

Just because we're not in school at the moment doesn't mean we can't keep learning new things.

Give it a click: 

Year 5 and 6 spellings...

It would be a good idea to keep practicing the Year 5 and 6 spellings whilst at home. We were practicing about 6/7 of these words a day before school closed.

It would also be a good idea to look up the dictionary definitions for the words you practice and put them into sentences of your own so you can use them in context. If you don't have a dictionary at home, type the word into Google and it will give you the definitions.

Happy spelling! 


1-15 Times Table Grid...

If you want a different way to be practicing your times tables from home (and perhaps less screen time from TTRS) then here is a multiplication grid to help you.

You could practice writing them out, use different colours for different multiplications or write the inverse calculations (division) out in your books.

Happy multiplying!


A few ideas for some creative activities at home if you have time and the materials...


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