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Week Seven: Monday 18th May

Hello Badgers and Squirrels!

Every week at home is another week closer to us all being back at school together and as much as we miss you all we want you to stay as safe as possible. We hope that you are still enjoying learning with your families and excited by the challenges we give you. And we hope you have discovered that learning can happen in all sorts of ways, wherever you are (and however old you are!) - there is always something new to learn!


This week our story is The Three Billy Goats Gruff - this is a bit of a noisy story so listen out for some noisy feet! Can you join in? There are some story related tasks below and on Purple Mash so please check them out.


We love to hear from you and see all the fabulous work and crazy creations you have made. Thank you for all the lovely photos and videos we have been sent- they really brighten our days knowing that we are all still in contact even though we have to be apart.


Remember, we need to hear from you every week so please do email your class on or 

 Stay safe, keep smiling and take care,

The Reception Team

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Mrs Rice-Oxley retells the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. 

If the story does not appear above please watch it on YouTube


The Three Billy Goats Gruff - YouTube

So, what is the moral of the story this week? The story teaches us that we should not be greedy like the troll. He wanted everything for himself and did not want to share but he ended up with nothing! 

 This week you might like to try to...


  • Make an instrument to explore the rhythms, just like the 'trip trap' sound in the story. You could fill an empty bottle with some rice to make a shaker, or use household items such as saucepans to make drums.


  • Make a troll mask but be careful to not scare your family!


  • Investigate building bridges - what do we use bridges for? What things do bridges go across? Can you make a bridge out of junk modelling materials or construction sets like Lego. Bridges have to be strong or they would fall down when things go across them! Can you test the strength of your bridge by putting different things on it? Is is strong enough to hold a stone? How about a toy animal? Enjoy experimenting!


  • Bridges can be made of wood, metal, brick, stone or concrete. These are all very strong materials. Can you find 3 things around your home that are made of metal? 3 things made of wood? What is your home made of? When you go outside how many things are made of concrete? If you go on a walk do you go over a real bridge? What is it made of?


  • In this story the goats live above the river, on the grassy hill. The troll lives under the bridge, in the river. The goats have to go over the bridge to get to the other side. Above, on, under, in and over are all positional words as they tell you where something is. Can you find things around your home that are above, on, under, in and over? Can you trick your grown-ups by putting something in an unusual place?! How about a cup under the table instead of on? Slippers in the bed instead of under? Have fun playing tricks!   


  • Many animals live above the ground but many also live under the ground. Watch these clips of some animals in their underground homes and learn a bit about them.                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Would you like to see some real goats and find out more about them? Click on this Cbeebies link to watch Andy go on an adventure to see mountain goats!   


Even Odd Stock Illustrations – 218 Even Odd Stock Illustrations ...

This week we are focusing on odd and even numbers. 

Even numbers are numbers which can be shared into two equal groups - these numbers are "Even-Stevens"

Odd numbers cannot be shared equally into two groups - there is always an odd one out!

Here are some activity suggestions to try at home...

  • Watch this Numberblocks episode where the odds and evens are two different bounceball teams.


  • There are 3 Billy Goats Gruff. 3 is an odd number because it cannot be shared into two equal groups, 1 goat would always be left out! Can you count the number of people in your home? Is there an odd or an even number? Can you sort the people in your home into two equal groups? Is someone left out? If you have stairs, how many do you have? Count them as you climb! Is the number odd or even?


  • Go for a walk and take a closer look at the door numbers on the houses on either side of the road - what do you notice?


  • Using the 1-20 number cards you made last week, sort them into groups of odd and even numbers. You could do this with small items (sweeties are fun!) to help you. Count out the amount on the card then try and share them into two groups - if there is the same number in each group it must be even, if there is an odd on out the number must be odd. (If you have used sweets the best part is eating the odd sweet!)


  • Look carefully at the last digit of the numbers in each group of number cards - do you spot anything interesting? Even numbers always end in 0,2,4,6 or and odd numbers end in 1,3,5,7 or 9.


  • Use your number cards to play an odd or even game. Place the cards face down on the table. Turn over two cards. If they are both even you can keep them. If they are both odd, you can keep them. If one is odd and one is even turn them back over. The winner is the person with the most cards at the end.


  • Try this odd and even Activity Book from Twinkl if you have access to a printer.



Notepad clipart sentence, Notepad sentence Transparent FREE for ...

We are really glad that lots of you have tried the online phonic sessions and hope you are still enjoying them. Keep up the hard work, learning and reinforcing the sounds!


As well as phonics you might to think about...


  • The word troll ends in the ll sound. The word gruff ends in ff. Can you remember what we call two letters that make one sound? These are called digraphs. The ff and ll digraphs are always found at the end or in the middle of words, never at the beginning. Can you sort the read the words below into real and nonsense words? 

puff   kell   sell   well   goff  off  keff  prill


  • You could practise writing the words down. You could even practise putting the real words in sentences. If we were at school we would be practising leaving finger spaces between each word.


  • Perhaps you could re-tell the story, using different animals and inventing your own creature that lives under the bridge? You could maybe use one of the nonsense words from the last activity to invent a name for your creature. What would it look like? You could draw a picture of your creature and write words around the edge to describe it, using your phonics to help you sound out words. Could you write a sentence about your creature? Remember your finger spaces!                                                                                                          
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