Covid-19 Recovery Curriculum

Over the past two years our children have experienced a blended approach to learning due to the recent pandemic. The children and families at Holwell embraced remote learning with courage (like Courageous Cody) and resilience (like Resilient Rihanna) however there are some parts of our subject and character curriculum which will be recovered within our recovery curriculum to ensure a secure understanding by all of our children. 

We have used assessment and feedback from our teachers, children and families along with the research of Barry Carpenter, a leading educational consultant, to plan our recovery curriculum, to ensure it supports our curriculum intent of creating life long learners and successful members of society.  We have also used the DfE document, "Teaching a broad and balanced curriculum for education recovery" June 2021, to inform our recovery planning.

Barry Carpenter - 'The Recovery Curriculum'

DfE - Teaching a broad and balanced curriculum for education recovery

Our recovery curriculum will support the process of reconnecting with their learning through our adapted subject curriculum and strengthening the positive personality traits within our character curriculum. 


Curriculum Recovery Documents

Summer_B.pdf .pdf
Summer_A.pdf .pdf
Spring_B.pdf .pdf
Spring_A.pdf .pdf
Autumn_B.pdf .pdf
Autumn_A.pdf .pdf

English Recovery Documents

Writing_Recovery_Curriculum_2021_2022.pdf .pdf
Reading_Recovery_Curriculum_2021_2022.pdf .pdf

Maths Recovery Documents

MATHS_Autumn.pdf .pdf