Starting School

If this is your first contact with school since you were pupils yourselves you are probably feeling a little apprehensive about the way your child will manage. In most cases the parents find it harder to adjust in the first few days than their children.

It is natural that you should feel anxious and your child too, but teachers do understand. What is important is that you try to convey to your child some understanding of what school is like before the first day. Your enthusiasm is vital.

Here are some of the ways you can help your child grow in confidence and independence.

Talk about the things they use, the things they hear and the things they see around them. Let them lay the table, count the cutlery, look out for numbers on houses and gates as you go shopping, let them help with the shopping. Make up counting games as you work and play alongside each other.

Talk about colours, let them weigh with you, cook with you, play at the sink with you, look at books together and talk about the pictures. When they bring something home from school, look at it, talk about it, listen to what they have to say.

 Please teach your child:

• To dress him/herself

• To fasten and hang up his/her coat

• To use a knife and fork

• To drink through a straw

• To recognise his/her name

• To know and repeat their name

• To put on and take off shoes

• To manage the toilet without help

• To know their address and telephone number

Your attitude to their start at school is of utmost importance. Please do not compare their progress with that of their friends or brothers and sisters in their hearing.