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Monday 16th Remote Learning

Remember to email in your choice for your class topic or theme - voting closes at 3pm today!

Welcome back Leeds and York class!

We hope you had a lovely weekend. We can't wait to see more of your learning this week. Please send all of the learning you are doing at home to your class email address, where all of the Early Years Team can see your wonderful work: 

Leeds class:

York class:

Seeing your lovely learning makes us so happy! Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we are always here and we will respond to you as quickly as we can. We are here to help you get through this unprecedented time.

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The Early Years team. 


Thank you for sending in pictures of your child celebrating Children in Need day. Below is a little slideshow of some of the pictures that were sent in to us. 

Story of the day

Miss Jones reads 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson. Listen to the story carefully and then see if you can answer the following questions: 

  • Who was the biggest dragon?
  • What did Zog want to win?
  • What will the dragons be when they're fully grown?   


  • Make a dragon out of junk modelling materials. 
  • Build different sized towers/castles out of construction materials such as lego, wooden blocks or any other ways you can think of to build different towers or castles. Use mathematical language such as 'taller' 'tallest' 'short' and 'shortest to describe the towers that you have built. 
  • How is dragon school different to our school? Would you like to go to dragon school? What would you like to learn there? Write down what your child says exactly. Can you draw a picture of dragon school and a picture of our school. 
  • Draw your favourite part of Zog and write your name on your masterpiece. 


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Wow, we were so impressed with the phonic learning that has been sent in. You have been practising so hard. Well done to you all. 

Can you remember last weeks sounds 'h' 'b' 'f' and 'l'. Keep practising all of the sounds that we have learnt so far. Daily practising of all of your sounds and writing them will really help you to become fantastic readers. 

The sound we are learning today is 'ff'. 'ff' is a diagraph this means it has 2 letters that make one sound. Please watch the phonic video for 'ff' below. You will need a pen/pencil and paper to write down the sounds. 


  • Write down 'ff'on paper ten times.
  • Use chalk or paint brushes and water to write the 'ff' sound. 
  • Write 'ff' in a sensory tray. You can do this by using a baking tray with sprinkles, sand, cornflour and water or salt. 
  •  Practise writing these words on paper: cliff, sniff, off and daffodil. Copy the word and then cover it and challenge yourself to write the word using your phonic knowledge.


Measuring Stick Clipart - Clip Art Library

Last week in maths we focused on counting. We were so proud to see and hear about your great counting skills. 

This week in maths our focus is measure. Offer some objects to your child and ask them to describe, compare and discuss. Introduce the mathematical language; 'longer/taller shortest/longest  shorter/longer to your children. Below is a video of Ms Hardy demonstrating how to measure. Ms Hardy makes sure that both of her objects are both in line with each other at the bottom so that she can see which object is shorter and which object is longer. Have a look at Ms Hardy’s video and see if you can have a try at identifying objects that are shorter or longer than another object. There are some more activities below that you can try at home too. 

Activities to do at home:

  • Use lego or other construction materials to build a tower, which is tallest/shortest?
  • Gather objects from around your home and put them into size order- which is the shortest and which is the longest? 
  • Make some snakes out of playdough and put them in order from shortest to longest.
  • Thing of things that you are 'longer’ 'shorter’ than' - draw a picture of these things.

Decorations for our outdoor area

Minibeasts Painted Rocks Craft - Whimsical Mumblings        Making Wind Chimes | Activity | | Wind chimes, Kindergarten  art crafts, Crafts         Beautiful Pinecone and Bead Mobile Craft for Kids | Mobile craft, Pinecone  crafts kids, Fall crafts for kids

Reception we need your help! We know how much you all love being creative. Can you help to make our outdoor classroom look beautiful? We would love you to create something for our garden. This could be decorating some pebbles as minibeasts, making a wind chime, bead and pine cone mobiles or any other great creations that you can think of.  We can't wait to see your fantastic creations.


Another yoga video for you to enjoy! Yoga is an important part of our day begins it makes us feel relaxed, calm and happy.

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