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Wednesday 11th November 


Hello Leeds and York class

We are now into the third day of our home learning. We are so happy to see so many of you visiting the website and participating in the activities. You are all amazing! It really puts a smile on our faces and brightens up our day when we see your learning, so please keep sending the learning in that you are doing to your class email address:


York class:

Keep being amazing

The Early Years Team.                           Clip Art Library

Story of the day

Image result for silly billy

Mrs Smith reads 'Silly Billy' by Anthony Browne. Anthony Browne is the person who wrote the book, which is known as the author. What was your favourite part of the story? Tell your grown up. You may like to draw a picture of your favourite part and send it into us. We love seeing your learning. Do you have any worries? Do you share your worries with Mummy, Daddy, Siblings or other family members? It is always good to talk about how we are feeling and our grown ups can help you to feel better. Have a discussion with your family member, and tell them how you are feeling today and if you have any worries. Perhaps you would like to create your own worry doll.

                                                                 "Can you do that?"

Think of things that you can do. It might be that you can do your coat up all by yourself, you can count or you can draw lovely pictures. Draw a picture of the things you can do and send some pictures in to your class email. You may also like to send in a video of something that you can do. Below is a video called 'Can you do that?' Watch the video and join in to see if you can do that! If the link below does not work please follow this youtube link: 

Remembrance Day

Today is Wednesday the 11th of November. Can you remember what special day it is today? That's right it's Remembrance Day. At 11am, we will have a 2 minutes silence to remember all of the brave soldiers who went to war. Below is a lovely video for you to watch whilst you are thinking of all of those brave soldiers and animals. 

After you have watched the video and had a 2 minutes silence, have a discussion about bravery and courage. What have you done that is brave? Or perhaps someone else you know has done something that is brave. On purple mash you can design your own medal this has been set as a '2do'. You could also design your own medal at home with paper and pens or different craft materials. Please send these in, with a comment of who the medal is for and why.


So far this week we learnt the sounds 'h' and 'b'. If you haven't already please send in emails of you practising these sounds at home or making creations beginning with these sounds. 

Today we are going to learn a new phoneme which is 'f'. Please watch the phonic session below. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil to practise writing the sound. You might like to practise writing the sound in the air, or in a sensory tray such as salt, cornflour, glitter or sprinkles.

Once you have watched the phonic videos please complete the following activities: 

  • Practise writing the sound down on paper 10 times.
  • Draw a picture on purple mash of something beginning with 'f' this is set as '2do'. 
  • 'f' is for flower. Which pictures below also begin with 'f'?
  •   Cartoon Drawing Clip art - cartoon fish png download - 2400*1645 ...  Dog grooming Puppy Cat Pet - White dog png download - 1803*2726 ...  Free Stars Picture, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on ...  Tooth fairy Clip art - cute cartoon tooth png download - 1844*2322 ...  fan clipart - Clip Art Library Free Poppy Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on ... fox clipart - Clip Art Library


Below is a video of Mr Nickolds counting.  He counts a number of different ways.  First he lines his bears in a row and counts by touching each bear one at a time saying the next number until he reaches the end.  The number he says at the end is the number in that 'set'.  Next he shows how he counts by lining the bears up and moving each one to make a new line.  Finally he counts by gathering all the bears in a pile and counting them one at a time to another pile.  

How do you count?  Practise counting different objects around your home.  Show a grownup you are able to count reliably.  Grownups you can test you child by saying;

Go and get me 8 bears.

Can you find me 4 cushions?

How many stairs have we got?

I have forgotten how many cups I have.  Can you count them for me?

Make it into a game.  Email your findings to the class email.


Today's sound in phonics is 'f', so today we thought a nice yoga video to link with our phonics is 'fairy floss'. We hope you enjoy this and remember adults to join in too!

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