Our school ethos is:

'Be the best you can, Do the best you can, Give the best you can'


At Holwell we strive to constantly provide for every child


in a worthwhile environment.













  • Through the understanding, interest and care of all staff.
  • Through consistency of decisions related to the children.
  • Through the predictability of routines.


  • Through activities and experiences incorporating stimulus, motivation and problems at the appropriate level of maturity and ability.
  • Through being treated courteously and respectfully.


  • Through the gaining of self confidence and self acceptance by developing awareness of our own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Through encouragement to contribute positively to the School and the Community.


  • Through the development of confidence by earning and experiencing success in academeic and day to day problems at their own level of maturity and ability. 
  • Through the development of reliability by progressive tasks and duties demanding self discipline.

We aim to give our children help in understanding the rapidly changing world in which they live and believe they will only achieve this understanding if they are given the basic skills of learning through a balanced education.  We see education as a process in which the child develops and we see the school as an important part of the child's total educational experience.  Each child should become involved in observation, investigation, problem solving and research.  This effective learning process encourages confidence, enthusiasm and enjoyment, motivating each child to give of their best.

School, it must be remembered, is just one path all children must take towards knowledge and education.  The influence of the home, neighbourhood, media and others around them greatly exceed the influence of the school.  We should therefore, never be looked on as something completely separate, as the stronger the link the more the children will benefit.


We believe every member of our school has three undeniable rights: The right to learn, the right to feel safe and the right to respect. We believe that children will achieve our aims in a quiet and disciplined but friendly environment, where the qualities of common sense, courtesy and consideration for others may be exercised.   In cases of persistent behaviour difficulties with a child the parents would automatically be informed by the Head or class teacher.  We find the most effective punishments have their base in the withdrawal of privileges, the emphasis being on correction and help.