School Uniform

At Holwell Primary, children are expected to wear a uniform to school. We believe that a school uniform plays an important part in;

  • supporting positive behaviour and discipline
  • developing the ethos of the school
  • supporting teaching and learning; promoting a sense of pride in the school
  • promoting a sense of community and belonging towards the school
  • promoting equality and supporting health and safety

We ask our children to wear their uniform with pride and to demonstrate the Holwell Value of Aspiration by always having high expectations of themselves. 

Reception to Year 4

Boys Uniform

Girls Uniform

Black tailored trousers

Black skirt or pinafore dress

Black tailored trousers

Black tailored trousers

White or red polo shirts

White or red polo shirts

Red  cardigans, red round neck sweatshirts and Holwell fleeces. Red  cardigans, sweatshirts and Holwell fleeces. 
Black Shorts Red & white check dresses (Summer)

Black Shorts

  Black tights


Year 5 and Year 6 

Boys Uniform Girls Uniform 
White Collared Shirt White Collared Shirt 
School tie School tie 
Black Tailored Trousers

 Black skirt or pinafore dress

V Neck red  cardigans, V neck sweatshirts and Holwell fleeces.  Red  cardigans, sweatshirts and Holwell fleeces. 
Black Shorts Red & white check dresses (Summer) 
  Black Shorts


Children must wear plain black, sensible school shoes. Children are not allowed to wear trainers or open-toed sandals. 


No jewellery is allowed to worn except for a watch.

If ears have been pierced, please can parents ensure that children only wear plain stud ear rings (one per ear). These must be able to be removed for PE or covered with a piece of tape.

No nail varnish/false nails are allowed.

No make up is allowed.


Pupil’s hair styles must be reasonable and not be distracting for the child or other children within their class. We do not allow more extreme styles eg – bright or multi – coloured hair, Mohican hair cuts, zig zag, star or patterns shaved into hair.

PE Kit

Red T-Shirt with or without embroidered logo and black shorts.

During winter months children can wear black jogging bottoms and a plain black sweatshirt/hoodie with red T-shirt for outdoor PE lessons.

Hertfordshire County Council PE Advisors recommend that all indoor PE is done in bare feet. If your child needs to wear plimsolls for medical reasons please advise the school of this.

Please make sure that all school clothing and PE kit is clearly marked with your child's name.

Jewellery, such as necklaces, bracelets and rings, is not allowed in school. Earrings must be restricted to one pair of studs only. If a watch is worn it remains the responsibility of the child at all times.

Role of Parents/Carers

Parents/carers will: 

  • be aware of and comply by ensuring their children wear school uniform at all times;
  • be contacted if their child is not wearing the correct uniform;
  • ensure that their child's uniform is clean and good repair;

Official school sweatshirts and cardigans in red, plus polo shirts in red or white, both with an embroidered badge, are available. 

Our uniform supplier is Smarty Schoolwear.  All uniform will be available to purchase from their shop or from their website:

Holwell Primary School (

Their shop address is:

66 Town Centre



AL10 0JJ

Tel: 01707-263909

The uniform of Holwell Primary is reviewed annually by the Governing Body in line with the non-statutory guidance from the D.F.E.  Holwell Primary School and the Governors are willing to consider reasonable requests for flexibility in the uniform for an individual pupil to accommodate particular social and cultural circumstances. Please  contact the school if you would like to discuss a reasonable request. 

School Uniform Policy 2023