Did you know that a child who is 10 minutes late a day will miss out on 32 hours of learning each year? 

Did you know that a child who misses 1 day a week of school will miss 2 months of learning each year? 

Did you know that 95% - 100% (less than 10 days absence in a year) is good attendance and 95% is the national average attendance rate for a child at primary school?


At Holwell Primary, every school day counts! It is vital that pupils attend school, on time, every day in order to gain the greatest benefit from their education. The school gates are open between 08:35am - 8:45am. Promptly, at 8:45am the gates are closed and children arriving after this time must sign in at the office. Registers will be taken at 8:45am. 


If your child is absent, you must contact the school and inform us of the reason for your child's absence.

 You can phone the school office  on 01707 323716. A message can be left. 

If we do not receive any communication from parents, an initial text will be sent asking you to contact the school. If no contact has been made by 2:00pm, a further text will be sent advising that if we do not hear from you by 3:00pm, then a welfare call may be triggered.


When the number of unauthorised absences amounts to at least 15 sessions (7.5 days) during the current term and previous term a Penalty Notice will be issued.

Our Attendance Procedures are set out below