Click here to visit our Reading Curriculum web page to find out more about how we teach at Reading at Holwell Primary School. 

At Holwell, we love to read! We regard reading as one of the most important life skills, because it is the key which unlocks the door to a world of knowledge and sparks imagination and interest. 

Each child takes home a decodable reading book, to ensure they have the opportunity to practice reading with fluency. To develop a love for reading, children are also able to have an additional book which is chosen by the child. This book may not be fully decodable but is used by the child when reading with an adult or a more confident reader. This book will contain an ‘I love to read’ bookmark.

How can I support my child at home? 

  • Listen to your child read each day. Any time spent sharing or talking about a book is beneficial, even if it’s just a couple of minutes at a time.
  • Let them read the same book, or same genre of reading material (such as football magazines!), over and over again. Repetition will help younger children learn words and understand how language is structured.
  • National Literacy Trust research has found that, when used appropriately and with an adult, technology can provide an important route into reading for many children, including those in the early years, and boys. Feel free, at times, to use your mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops and other devices to engage your child in reading and activities that can help them build their vocabulary.


The BBC website has some top tips for parents on how to support their child read at home:,understand%20how%20language%20is%20structured. 


Collins Big Cat ebooks - Online Library! 

To ensure we always have a range of books to read, we have the Big Cat ebook library! Please click here to see more information on our website about how to access the books.