Physical Activity and Sports



Swimming is an essential element in the Physical Education syllabus of the National Curriculum.Swimming will take placea s a 2 week block at the end of Year 4.

Parents will be notified in Spring Term of Year 4


Other sports on offer

In the past we have been able to offer Football, Netball, Tennis, Cricket, Athletics, and Rounders to name but a few. Some of these are during set PE lessons, whilst others are included as part of the After School Club provision. 

We also take part in inter school competitions and tournaments for some of these sports and have been very successful.


After School Clubs and Lunchtime Clubs

Various after-school and lunchtime clubs run at different times throughout the year. Our TAs, supported by Play Assistants from Year 6 and 4, facilitate a number of different sporting activities in the playground each lunchtime.

Children are made aware of all clubs available to them and are actively encouraged to participate. We make sure spaces are allocated fairly, but please be aware your child may not get a space each term. It is not done on a first come first serve basis. 


Get Set 4 PE 

Holwell's PE curriculum has been recently reviewed and the school has bought into the Get Set 4 PE scheme to ensure consistent, high-level lessons are being delivered across the school from Early Years through to Year 6. Here is a quote from Kathryn and Natalie, the founders of Get Set 4 PE: 

"We hope that the platform will enable teachers to feel confident that they can provide their pupils with in house, high quality learning and assessment that is consistent across their school. Inspiring those who inspire the children is key to successful PE."


The scheme offers the children a wide variety of sports and skills throughout each lesson plan. To name a few, these include; dance, gymnastics, dodgeball, volleyball, yoga, tag rugby, basketball and hockey. Each lesson plan has progressive activities to ensure the children develop their skills within the lesson, unit of work, academic year and primary school life as a whole. The activities have been designed to be inspiring and engaging alongside the success criteria which provides them with clear instructions to identify their strengths as well as weaknesses and how to improve.  


The PE units are not just about teaching the children a new sport, they are so much more. Each scheme of work includes physical, social, emotional and thinking skills which are embedded into the lessons. PE is about developing the whole child including their confidence, competence, control and character, as well as how they collaborate with others. Furthermore, the schemes include key skills, cross curricular links, assessment criteria and health and safety considerations.