Understanding sexual harassment and sexual violence between children


At Holwell Primary School, we are committed to providing a curriculum which creates life long learners and successful members of the community. We recognises that children are vulnerable to and capable of abusing their peers.
We take such abuse as seriously as abuse perpetrated by an adult. This includes verbal as
well as physical abuse. Peer on peer abuse will not be tolerated or passed off as part of
“banter” or “growing up”.

Understanding and developing a positive relationship is an essential part of being a successful member of the community - we believe it is important that we educate our pupils in understanding their rights within a relationship. 

Sexual violence and sexual harassment is not tolerated at Holwell Primary  or within the community.  

Children at Holwell know that they are able to speak to adults - we are here to keep them safe. 


What is sexual harassment or sexual violence? 

The definition of sexual harassment and violence can be found within our school policy. 

Sexual Harassment and Violence Policy 2022


When describing sexual behaviours, staff at Holwell refer to Hackett’s (2010) A continuum of children and young people’s sexual behaviours.


Information on how reports are responded to can be found within our policy. 


Please come and speak to a member of the team if you would like to find out more information or have any questions.