Holwell Primary School

Holwell Primary School

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Holwell School Staff

Headteacher Miss S.G French
Deputy Headteacher Mrs A Adams
Associate Deputy Headteacher Mrs J Crellin
Class Teachers

Reception: University of York         Mrs E Rice-Oxley and Mrs Delaney     

Reception: University of Leeds      Mrs E Merry

Year 1: University of Sussex           Miss L Wilson

Year 1: University of Glasgow        Miss G Webster

Year 2: University of Bath               Miss E Leonard

Year 2: University of London          Miss M Nosworthy

Year 3: University of Surrey            Mrs S Orford

Year 3: University of Bristol            Miss S Clarke

Year 4: University of Cardiff            Mr Z Broad

Year 4: University of Birmingham  Miss B Thomas

Year 5: University of Durham          Mrs L Hall

Year 5: University of Edinburgh      Mrs J Clarke

Year 6: University of Cambridge      Miss L Carlin

Year 6: University of Oxford              Miss C Mays

Special Educational Needs Team

Mr S Carter - SENCO


Mrs N Osborn - Lead LSA/Mental Health Lead

Safeguarding and Welfare Lead Mrs C O'Flaherty
Business Manager Mrs L Newman
Office Administrators

Mrs K Maggs

Mrs A Morrall

Miss D Leech

Learning Mentor/PE Teacher Mr D Shepherd
Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Miss S Castiglione

Miss G Cook

Miss H Hooper

Miss M Lisowski

Mrs A Smith

Teaching Assistants

Mrs A Abbasi

Miss Andrewartha

Miss R Day

Miss L Franklin

Miss L Harrison

Miss L Musialik

Mrs M Richards

Miss A Steer

Miss L Harrison

Mrs K Rogers

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs L Cox

Miss S Game

Mrs S Hutchison

Miss M Lummis

Miss C Mayling

Miss K Spicer

Miss A Kelsey

Site Manager Mr L  Richards
Assistant Caretaker Mr D Halls
Catering Manager Mrs H Chalkley
Catering Staff

Mrs H Maisie

Mrs C Hardman

Mrs S Thompson

Mrs M Consdanti

Mid-Day Supervisory Team

Ms T Elliott

Mrs H Elmaz

Miss M Lummis

Mrs L Nash