Pupil Parliament

Holwell Primary school is proud of our Pupil Parliament. 

Each class from year 2 upwards has 2 elected members of parliament to represent their class.

Meetings are chaired by Year 6  Executive members. 


2022-2023: Executive Members: Arwen, Oliver M

Voting is taking place during the week Beginning 19th September 2022

 Class representatives

Year 2 Bath:                                                    Year 2 London:             

Year 3 Surrey:                                            Year 3 Bristol:               

Year 4 Birmingham                                              Year 4 Cardiff:              

Year 5 Edinburgh                                           Year 5 Durham:            

Year 6 Oxford                                                    Year 6 Cambridge        


On 1st October 2021 our Pupil Parliament welcomed Grant Shapps, Minister for Transport and MP for Welwyn Hatfield.  The children asked some really insightful questions and thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Thank you Mr Shapps.