Pupil Parliament

Holwell Primary school is proud of our Pupil Parliament. 

Each class from year 1 upwards has 1 elected member of parliament to represent their class.

Meetings are chaired by Year 6 members. 


2022-2023: Executive Members: 

Votingtook place during the week Beginning 18th September 2023

 Class representatives

Head Pupil Parliament member:


Class Members of Parliament 

Year 1 Sussex:                    Harriet                                 Year 1 Glasgow: Emmanuel

Year 2 Bath:                        Alex                                       Year 2 London:  Noah

Year 3 Surrey:                     Reggie W                              Year 3 Bristol:     Elizabeth          

Year 4 Birmingham:          Devin                                     Year 4 Cardiff:    Blake        

Year 5 Edinburgh               Evie                                       Year 5 Durham:  Tine         

Year 6 Oxford                                                                    Year 6 Cambridge