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What is phonics?

Phonics is a way of teaching children to read and write:

  • Children recognise the sounds that each individual letter makes.
  • Children identify the sounds that different combinations of letters make e.g. sh and oo.
  • Children blend these sounds together from left to right to make a word.

What is the Phonics Screening Check?

The KS1 Phonics Screening Check is usually taken individually by all Year 1 children in June. It is designed to give teachers and parents information on how your child is progressing in phonics. It will help to identify whether your child needs additional support at this stage so that they do not fall behind in this vital early reading skill. 


To find out more about the Phonics Screening check, please click here and follow the link to our page on assessments.  

How do we teach phonics at Holwell?

Phonics Workshop PowerPoint

Please find below the PowerPoint from our recent Phonics workshop for parents to find out about how Phonics is taught and how you can support your child at home.

Phonics flashcards

In our daily Phonics sessions at Holwell we use flashcards to revisit the sounds we have previously learnt and also teach the new sound for the lesson. Please see below the flashcards that are used for our Phonics sessions across the school which you may find useful to support your child's learning at home.