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Character Curriculum

At the heart of everything at Holwell Primary are the RICRAC values of Respect, Courage, Independence, Aspiration, cooperation, courage and resilience. 

We believe that these values need to be taught in a variety of ways and through a range of experiences. The rich curriculum combined with the school experience passport and wide range of activities and clubs provide a structured approach to developing the cultural capital of pupils at Holwell. 

Safeguarding and SEMH Curriculum 

Threaded through our character and subject curriculum are teaching opportunities that educate our children in keeping themselves and developing their social, emotional and mental health.  Within our PSHE lessons and National Curriculum subjects, we explore and expose our children to positive conversations about mental health, social media and relationships as well as educating them on how to keep safe within our community. 


Spring B 2022: Safeguarding and SEMH Curriculum

Summer A 2022: Safeguarding and SEMH Curriculum