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Fundraising Hub

Throughout the year, the school will be organising a number of events to raise funds to build our Holwell Hub! The Holwell Hub will be an external classroom with toilet facilities, that will be used as an additional learning space for all our pupils as well as being available for community use. We host numerous supportive courses for our community, throughout the year including: The Freedom Programme, “Who is in Charge” and Sleep Training courses. At present, these courses are held in our meeting room or school hall, where space and availability are a challenge. 




March 2023

Friday 3rd March - Cake Sale

Friday 31st March - Easter Egg Raffle Draw

Friday 31st March - Make The Rules Day! 


May 2023 

Friday 5th May - Coronation Celebration - Non Uniform day (wear red,white or blue). Street Party Lunch. 

Thursday 18th May - Summer Outside Disco


June 2023

Thursday 15th June - Young Enterprise Event


We will be selling ice-lollies on various Fridays through the summer term. 

Every year online shops pay millions in sales commissions to other websites that direct shoppers to them (e.g. search engines and voucher code websites).  At ShopAndGive we turn these commissions into donations for your favourite schools and charitable causes, at no extra cost to you.

 Click on the link below to visit Shop and Give and start raising money for Holwell Primary School


Parents, have you heard of Match Funding?

Many companies throughout the UK offer employees the chance to boost fundraising efforts by 'matching' the money raised by their child’s school. Match funding could help the school to double the amount it raises.

We cannot provide a list of companies that have this policy and would ask that you ask your HR department if this is something that is a company policy.  We do know many banks, building societies, insurance companies, supermarkets, utility providers, car manufacturers and phone companies often have match funding schemes. You may work for a small independent company that may also be willing to match fund a fundraiser.  

If your employer will match fund money raised by the Holwell Hub Fundraising team please contact us or pass on our details to your company.  They will want a letter from the school detailing the events and approximately how much is hoping to be raised. Some companies want you to be involved in the fundraiser.

Match funding could be a large source of income for the school Hub project. We would be incredibly grateful if you could ask your boss or HR department if they have a match fund scheme.

We will be happy to provide a list of our upcoming events and in return thank them for their donation publicly on our social media pages.