Communications Team

Year 6 Communications team Jonah, Finlay R and Sevda will use this page to share their reports about events over the year. 

Stanborough Multi-Sports Event



Both year 6 classes (Oxford and Cambridge) participated in the Stanborough multi-sports event. The type of sports were archery, netball, football and basketball. The classes were split into different teams: 7 in football, 7 in netball, 5 in basketball and 8 in archery for each class. Holwell competed against other schools such as Creswick, Applecroft, Peartree and Our Ladies. The event was all about the children having fun, participating in different sports and learning new skills.

One person from each team/class won a medal and certificate for being a star player which includes being kind, a good sportsman and trying their best. The winners from each sports included:

· Basketball: Jonah and Corey J

· Archery: Connor and Harvey-Lee James

· Netball: James  and Mason 

· Football: Martin  and Isabella

Overall, the children all had fun and it was a great experience for everyone. A big thank you to Stanborough School, especially the sixth form students and Mrs Moxham, for setting up this event for the primary schools. Another thank you goes to Mrs John for letting us into her school and participating in the brilliant event. A final thank you to all the teachers who took us to Stanborough and cooperated with the Stanborough staff.